I have just finished the Parental Resilience webinar, and I found it really helpful, especially the examples that they gave regarding how to empower clients, parents. 
Associate Therapist
I make every effort to be able to attend these trainings. I don't want to miss them, and I absolutely love the opportunity that if I do happen to miss it, that I'm able to go back and look at the material and also go through the training on, on a time that I'm able to.
Prevention Services Facilitator
Prevention techniques require an adjustment over time and CalTrin continues to be relevant and really intentional about making sure that their resources are current, as cultures move very quickly. 
Amanda Guajardo
Executive Director
As somebody who likes to put trainings out there and was really excited about the content that I developed, I had a great audience to really present it to who were engaged in the work and wanted to bring it back to their organizations.
Lisa Conradi, PsyD
Executive Director
...it is helping tremendously just knowing that once a month, I can hone in on a protective factor. 
Talitha Agan
Program Manager
California Training Institute has been very helpful with offering resources and I have been able to navigate their website very easily with useful information.
Angela Ziesman
Thank you for all the trainings that you guys (CalTrin) provide. It's a lot of resources that we can share with our parents and just be better facilitators.
Natalia Perez
Program Specialist
The truth is everyone is going through the same thing. So it was really refreshing to have a large group, let's say 30 individuals, going through the same thing.
Rodolfo Longoria, Jr.
Supervising Probation Officer
... it's just a great Program (ELDP). Subject areas are amazing. The networking is amazing. And you guys (CalTrin) are amazing.
Navie Hurtado
Site Manager - Visalia
...not only has this (ELDP) Program changed the way that I look at things in my agency...it reframed everything that I think about leadership.
Elsa Muratalla
Program Supervisor
My personal vision is a world where all children thrive and working with CalTrin, I believe can help us make that come true. 
Maureen R Durning